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21st-Jan-2010 05:27 pm - TOP TEN THINGS ABOUT KITARI ! ♥
Sungminnie ♥

  • I am rather lazy but of course, I'm  not a sloth. xD
  • I am known to  get interested in just  anything.
  • I just  loooooooove my  fandoms (anime/manga/drama/game/fanfics/etc.) Yes, things that make me busy AND lazy.
  • I'm an honor student buuuut  I really want to achieve more  than that.
  • I'm sort of  a perfectionist - yes, Idk why  but I'm just so crazy.
  • If you haven't noticed, I'm a girl. =w=b
  • I'm a  sickly person and I'm not good with sports. D:
  • I'm not a hater, I find  it hard to hate something.
  • I'm sooooo  RANDOM. It's my thing. ;D
  • And lastly, I love having friends! ^w^
Sungminnie ♥

Not so long ago, I started reading Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama, the sequel to Tennis no Ouji-sama (Prince of Tennis) and damn, my love for this series showed up again. Being a tennis player, it isn't really amusing to see fake and unrealistic moves like that shown in PoT but still, I love it. Is it the bishie-overload? I don't care, I just like the plot and all. ^^

Speaking of obsession, I've gone back to reading fanfictions again as to why my backlog increases even more. Nyaha~ I'm one lazy person. XP


As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for my Kobato dl to finish. Nyanyanya~ >;3

You know what's weird? I actually like this one. I don't love it, I just like it. I mean both the light manga and the manga was crap (the anime even indirectly pointed that one out, if you hadn't noticed - LOL) but the anime was sort of.. okay. The jokes tend to get old and the references are too much but still, I like it. I wonder why?

I guess you can call me as someone who actually loves the slice of life genre. I never get tired of it. So why too much slice of life in my backlog? BLAME SCHED. T___T Or maybe I liked it because I'm too biased over moe designs XP

I find Ken way too funny. Your over-the-top otaku boy perhaps? I dunno, he's an interesting character. And by that, I don't mean that I find him hawt or anything but simply because he can change from being so totally reckless and to being serious. ...Or that's just me. I think, out of all the references (I didn't understand some but who cares, really?) I liked the Haruhi and Umineko one. coughbiasedcough

Call me having bad tastes or something but.. I'm sticking with this one. At least until it gets too old for me? Meh. I dunno. I don't see much comedy in Fall though..
Sungminnie ♥

As the title suggest, I can finally play/read the Umineko no Naku Koro ni Visual Novel thanks to tsunayoshi for sharing the dl links for the VN. I dunno about you guys but I surely am happy okay, over-excited that I can finally read the VN because I'm just a big fan of it. Nyahahaha~ Another way to distract me from my usuals.

Why? At the moment I still have a lot of catch-ups to do on both anime and manga as in, A LOT. Probably next time I'll post about it so that I can keep track of it but anyways, there's just to much for me to catch-up on and.. sheeeesh, I have A LOT that I wanna try too. Fall `09 season has started, people! Oh how busy I will be~ My big dilemma now is not being in tact with my plans because my honor student senses are tingling whenever I'm distracted from my studies. I just want to be carefree but I can't XP

Anyways, right now I'm currently playing EP3 since I've seen the past 2 EPs in the anime already but some time I'll surely view that too~ HAHA. I'm having so much fun right now so imma go back playing xD

Music downloads will be posted soooooooon~?
1st-Oct-2009 11:09 pm - Pandora Hearts Anime Ending
Sungminnie ♥

Exactly a week from now, the Pandora Hearts anime ended and if you were to ask what I felt about the ending, let's just say it's okay. What do I mean by it's okay? It's that I'm simply not irritated by the ending. In most cases for adaptations where the source material is still ongoing, anime-original endings are there and I mostly dislike anime-originals because they somewhat feel hanging. And the fact that I wouldn't be getting a 2nd season for that series irks me off.
However, I'm actually satisfied with the ending of PH. It was anime-original, yes but it was good. I just had a confusion in it because after episode 24 it felt like the will of abyss and Vincent was totally forgotten and it was back to Oz' father now. I do not know i I just missed some facts but after the confrontation from GIl, I haven't seen much of Vincent and the Will at all.  I think those must be one flaw of this anime-original ending of it. Although I'm not saying that I don't like it. It's alright, even though I wanted to see more..

Now I'm thinking that maybe the whole thing that lessened the popularity of this series is probably just due to the animation. People can be so full of prejudice; judging a book by it's cover and so on. The storyline was pretty much consistent so I really put my hands down that it's the animation that makes people think twice about watching this series. If only they could've did the animation the same as that of the omakes.

On to the ending, I will not lie and tell you that I literally squealed at the part where Oz and Alice were in the carriage. I was totally hoping for more but seeing that alone is enough. I can't handle my fangirl heart dying.. xD

Sungminnie ♥


(download link, tracklists and tv-size lyrics below the cut)

Hmmm, if I were to choose the best OPs of the Summer `09 anime season, staple stable would be one of them. I mean, the songs in Bakemonogatari have always been catchy and good and this one ain't an exception. Saitou Chiwa did a good job on this one. Other than the vocals itself, the instrumental ver. is pretty good. It can do alone even without the vocals but together? It's fantastic and it makes me wanna sing along with it xDD

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